26 September 2020

Unlucky Adam

Last Saturday I noticed that Adam, my young Border Leicester tip, was not quite himself. He was unsettled, stopping to look around at his bottom every few steps - signs of the dreaded maggots.

Adam hasn't had much luck since he arrived - a scald in between his toes, orf that required tablets, and now maggots!

Rather than bring the electric clippers and the chemicals to him, I decided to bring Adam out into the yard for treatment. He was easily caught and I put one of my everyday cotton halters on him. Slowly but surely he walked across the yard. He did stop a few times but soon got going again. He didn't jump or panic. For a lamb who has never been on a halter before, I was very proud of him.

After I got his infestation sorted, and got him wormed and gave him a mineral bolus, I tried one of my homemade lamb halters on him. I thought he looked very handsome and we had a short modelling session.

Then, after a few tasty sheep nuts as a treat, I put him back with his friends. He's a happy boy now. And, hopefully, a luckier one.

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