6 September 2020

The Stubble Field Effect

After spending most of her summer in the garden, I thought Blue Belle would enjoy a break. The recently harvested barley field was the perfect place. I drove out to visit her a few days later.

It is such a large field that I couldn't find her straight away. When she saw me, though, she did something unusual - she ran away!

She did a half loop of the field before stopping to stare at me.

While I was still wondering what she was up to, Blue Belle did another lap of the field at a full gallop. Once she stopped I sat down to see if she would come over.

She didn't come very close. She usually comes over to check if I have anything for her to eat, but on this evening she wasn't interested. 

As the sun continued going down, she galloped and galloped, occasionally trotting, but not stopping for long.

After some time, I sat down again. She stopped, staring at me for a while.

By this stage she was very sweaty.

Suddenly she started trotting towards me.  

She almost sniffed my hand but then she was off again.

I was worried about what was causing this unusual behaviour so I called my friend. She said she was maybe spooked by something - but what, out here in a field surrounded by other empty fields? One field away is a road where lots of horses happen to live (including a few Shetland boys). I think they could be to blame. Blue Belle has been trotting around like this before, in this exact same field. It's a bit of a mystery. The following morning she was back to her usual self, and came over for an apple.

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