28 October 2020

Dinner and a Walk

One lovely Sunday I decided it was time Penny had some one-on-one time. She loves any and all attention that is afforded her so I knew we were going to have a good time. First there was a special dinner. Penny slipped easily out of the gate (amazingly without Tilly barging her way past) and I had a bucket with some tasty sheep nuts for her to enjoy. Texels are one of the greediest breeds of sheep and you can see Penny is a happy girl in these photos!

Dinner over, she had to walk off that feast! I took the opportunity and had her modelling one of the waterproof halters I make. 

Penny was such an angel, the lead never tightened. She is only on a halter once or twice a year but she never forgets. There were seconds from dinner before her return to the field and her friends, of course.

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