1 November 2020

Crêpes Suzette

The mornings are getting colder and wetter - autumn doesn't last long and winter is setting in! The ram lambs are currently enjoying the extra feed they get - a mixture of intensive lamb nuts and oats. 

There is a rush to the feeders every morning so the dogs have the job of keeping them back. While Jess and Fly are good at this (Teddy is too lazy to even try!), Susan excels. She loves this job! She lies down, flat as a pancake, and nobody gets past her.

The hungry lambs try to creep closer...

But the Susan pancake won't let them pass!

Getting into a new position.

Getting Susan to stop doing her favourite job is another matter, however! She could do that for hours!

Susan: not just a pretty face!

A very long way to go but a good dog in the making, I think.

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