18 February 2021

A Lingering Winter Chill

January was a very cold month for us. I took a lot of snow photos and I thought it best to put them all on the one post, otherwise I'll probably still be posting them in May!

Fly in front of the clipping house.



Tilly before she had her lambs.

All of the ewes had been wrapped up against the cold and snow was stuck to their fleeces.





Susan on the same morning as the sun was rising.

She's so precious.

That evening I was still out, making the most of the snowy weather. (Little did I know I would be getting more than plenty opportunities for snow photos!) Fly and Teddy were posing for me on the quad.

Sunlight on snow is always beautiful.

Jess and Susan on the boulders.

Jess and Susan also helped me to check on the sheep.

Another day, still snowy. I got this very pretty photo of Caldwell.

I was still waiting for my ewes to lamb so I was keeping a very close eye on them.

Checking on the other ewes with Teddy.

Jess posing again.

Connie keeping an eye on us.


...versus reality!

Fly and Jess.

And we end this post as we began, with Fly outside the clipping house.

So much choice for Christmas cards!


  1. As always, your photos are outstanding. There is no dog more beautiful than a border collie; and a lot of that is the light in their eyes.
    That photo of Caldwell should be a calendar photo- do you make calendars?

    1. Thank you very much! I love Border Collies so much. I do make calendars for family members but if you want one you can remind me closer to Christmas and I'll get one made for you.

  2. Beautiful pictures! Love the black and white shot! You should sell that one for sure!

    1. Thank you! I was really happy with that one. I must get it printed.