3 March 2021

Two Twins

After Tilly had her twins in January, I had to wait a full three weeks with bated breath for another of my pet ewes to lamb. I spotted Flora in the early stages of labour one morning and fetched her from the field. By mid afternoon those babies were ready to be born. The first one was so big that Flora needed help. She had a boy and a girl in the end.

As if that wasn't enough excitement for one week, the very next day Rosie had twins as well, also a boy and a girl. I managed to photograph them the day after they were born and Flora's lambs too.

This is Rosie's ewe lamb, Daisy. Her mini-me!

Her brother Dylan.

Flora's lambs are chalk and cheese. This is her huge ram lamb Dexter - he's very laid back.

Meanwhile his littler sister Dixie is full of the same manic attitude that Flora had when she was a lamb.

Rosie is so sweet with her babies.

A rare moment of calm from Dixie.

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  1. I swear Connie is smiling about the snow!
    You take the most adorable lamb photos, especially in the post before this one.