9 February 2021

Footbath Day

Winter can be hard on the sheep's feet so we try and run them through a footbath as often as we can. First they have to be rounded up, of course. Minty (on the left) has managed to remain the cleanest of all the sheep this winter.

Once everyone is in the pens they are run through the bath a couple of times and left to stand for ten minutes before being returned to their field. When she was younger Gertie was quite aloof, and now she's very nosey.

 Some of the sheep got hungry while they waited to be let out again. Sheep just love ivy.

Sheep may love ivy but they really don't like puddles and we are essentially asking them to walk through a very large puddle. Sometimes a little extra encouragement is required.

One at a time, girls.


And then... freedom!

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