1 February 2021

Tilly's Twins

On the 18th January Tilly surprised me by having twins. She was very obviously pregnant but I hadn't thought she was so close to her due date. When I drove up the lane to see her lying in the field, two small black things lying beside her, I feared the worst.

But I should have known better than to underestimate Tilly. She had both of her lambs without any fuss, licked them clean and let them drink - I had only caught them all during a nap!

I had hoped that Poundland would be the father of any lambs Tilly had and I was not disappointed. My first pure Suffolk lambs! Tilly had a boy and a girl - this is the boy, Discount.

And this is the girl, Daphne.

Daphne is a bit more highly strung than her brother but within a couple of days they were both skipping around the pen. After a week however Tilly was getting fed up with being indoors so I was forced to put them all out into the field again, in the snow of course. The lambs took that in stride too and Tilly kept them well fed.

Another week later and the lambs are starting to fill out a bit and they are extremely curious. Discount here came over and sniffed my boot and then nibbled on my fingers.

Daphne was happy just to sniff my boot.

Everything must be explored.

Discount has already begun a feud with Connie. He is able to drive her away with his confident march towards her with his head down.

He is still to small to work out how to get onto Connie's rock but watch out, Connie, he's growing fast!

It's going to be a pleasure watching these two grow.

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