14 April 2021

First Lambs Out

This year we were very fortunate that we could put the ewes and their young lambs straight outside, rather than housing them all together in a bigger pen for a week or two first. The following photos are from early on in the lambing season when we had only really gotten started.

The Dump Field shares a gate with the pet flock - when they see a camera they think I should be taking pictures of them! No, Tilly, I'm here to take pictures of the normal sheep.

Penny expects attention too.

Some beautiful spring babies.

Fiona and one of her first lambs - Dash. She had beautiful pale brown, speckle-y twins, but only enough milk for one. Dash was the healthier of the two lambs as his sister Dotty was sickly. Thankfully both lambs are thriving - Dash as you can see here, and Dotty as a pet.

Lois's lamb, Diego. She had a big single this year.

Little tiny baby.

Dash and his floppy ear.

Iris's sister. Who's Iris? You'll see...

I was shutting the gate and the pets next door demanded attention again.

I'll be back to photograph you again, don't worry.

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