26 June 2021

Auntie Connie on the Rocks

Photos from another evening spent in good company! 

Caldwell's new horns are coming in really nicely, good and strong so far. I think these ones are unlikely to fall off, unlike his last pair!

Dennis and Discount relaxing on the hill.

Handsome Dennis.



Heather distracting me from the lambs with how pretty she is. (She is aware of the fact.)

And back to the lambs!

Oh no, Heather is being distracting pretty again.

Dexter relaxing.


Heather. Again.

A pair of rabbits suddenly came hopping very close to where I was! Either I have gotten closer to nature as a result of various lockdowns and general pandemic stresses or these rabbits just weren't paying attention to me. I was standing right there.

After the rabbits had moved on, Connie revealed herself as the lambs' babysitter for the evening.

Cute little Daphne!

And Dixie, who looks very like her half sister so it can take me a few moments to work out which one is which.

Connie is the favourite auntie by the looks of things.

Look at how proud she is. She knows she's universally adored.

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