4 July 2021

Titch Goes For a Walk

I have fallen quite a bit behind with my blogging but I'm endeavouring to get caught up - I have so many photos to share!

Back in April when Titch was a bit smaller than he is now, I took him for an evening walk. We went to the Potato Field where Cheeky Ewe greeted us.

Most of my sheep that aren't with the main flock of pets are here. Gertie came over first.

Titch was very curious about these other sheep.

Juliet said hello. She sadly lost her lamb when he was a few weeks old and was very upset about it.

For the "wild" sheep it was strange to see a young lamb tagging along with a human! They had to come and see what was going on.

Dee Dee, Bridget's daughter and Penny's granddaughter. Doesn't she look cute?

Proud mummy Bridget.


Bridget and Dee Dee followed us part of the way.

But Juliet followed us most of the way home.

One we were back in the yard I let Titch loose for a bounce and run around.

We had a wonderful time.

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