17 September 2021

Nigel and Blue Belle Go For a Walk

Blue Belle spent the majority of summer on fields with little grass to keep that pesky laminitis at bay, so she was always thrilled to go for a walk and end up in a silage field. Nigel often joined us because he followed me everywhere.

Blue Belle started snacking on the journey to the field.

At first it's hard to get very far because Blue Belle just wants to eat eat eat. (Understandably!)

Nigel is hard to photograph because he's always close by.

The sight of this field in particular always gets Blue Belle excited - she loves to trot along here.

Nigel was sticking very close to me because for him the grass was extremely tall and he was afraid of getting lost - he was literally on my heels, as at one point he stood on the back of my trainer and it got pulled off my foot as I stepped away!

As close to a family portrait I could get with these two.

See what I mean? Spot the Nigel!

I sat down halfway to give Blue Belle time to eat without me nagging her to move on. Nigel got to nibble too.


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  1. Ah the lovely chubbins! Always love to see Blue Belle photos. Nigel is precious.