16 September 2021

Sunday Afternoon With the Pets

It's well established that I just love to spend sunsets out in the field with my pet sheep, but I also love taking some time with them on a quiet Sunday afternoon. Sometimes my dad comes along too. These photos were taken in the middle of June when summer was still a novelty for us.

Nina. She has undergone one of the most dramatic facial changes of the lambs this year. She looks almost completely different now!

Dotty watching the goings-on.

Dotty was a bit spottier than she is now when she was a baby lamb, but she's still Dotty to me.

Fellow golden-faced lamb, Blossom.

Off down the hill.

It's a wonderful feeling when the lambs follow you.

Titch was following too but he also had to stop for snacks along the way.

Nina being photogenic again.

Our walk eventually took us to the fence that Granny's Field shares with The Dump Field (not actually a dump, ha ha!). The pet ewes' lambs were in there, having been separated from their mothers a week or so previously. They were keeping near the fence and looking out for their mums. Dylan was looking for Rosie.

Daphne, with Dixie in the background.

Sorry, Dylan, you're a grown-up now.

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