30 April 2022

Eunice in the Yard

Eunice, Penny's daughter and my second oldest pet lamb, is a bit of an odd character. Despite being raised by people she is still nervous of them. Usually I wouldn't choose to keep a lamb with such a temperament, but because this is Penny's first and last Texel ewe lamb I feel like I should try. When she's on the halter Eunice is actually very well behaved and happy to come along with me.

Nibbles on the lane.

Seeing the daffodils.

Dad was in the lower yard and she did feel like sniffing his hand. 

Eunice also showed a natural talent for inspecting the yard. This hole was declared safe.

We went to the front of the house to sit on the steps.

Watching the sunset.

Sampling the local cuisine.

Sitting with Eunice, she let me scratch her tummy.

I think with a bit of careful work I can make friends with this pet lamb... which is a bizarre thing to have to do.

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  1. Eunice is a Sheep With Character. Love the light in these photos!