28 April 2022

After Sunday Lunch

I decided to shatter the peace and quiet of a Sunday afternoon by checking on the pet lambs - on sight, they start yelling at me, demanding food. Eunice was enthusiastic.  

Eddie too.

This ewe is one of the cross-eyed ewes. They're a wee family I've noticed building up in the flock. It all started with a pale Suffolk ewe whose eyes naturally pointed slightly forwards in their sockets, rather than facing in opposite directions. It's kind of hard to explain but in sheep terms they are slightly cross-eyed. It isn't always noticeable in photographs but this ewe's eyes do look a little odd and that's why.

The pale Suffolk ewe had a cross-eyed Lleyn ewe lamb, and this Kerry Hill and another, more Texel-type ewe, are the Lleyn's daughters. It's just an odd little genetic mutation that seems to cause no harm to the sheep.

This ewe is two and these are her first lambs.

She had a boy and a girl in a very muddy place in the field so we brought them inside to keep warm.

This is the tip lamb of one of the oldest ewes on the farm, easily over ten years old. She had two gorgeous lambs all by herself.

The last family in the shed is this one, a two-year-old ewe and her first lamb. He liked to sleep on the haylage.

Just a few of the noisy pet lambs.

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