27 April 2022

One of Six

The bulk of this year's lambing took place over a very, very hectic three weeks in March. When things started to slow down, we found ourselves with 35 pet lambs. I usually have between 15 and 20, but 35 was certainly a new record! Feeding them took my dad and I hours every day. Luckily we managed to sell a few to local farmers whose ewes had lost their lambs and so our final total is 29. Still quite a lot!

One beautiful evening I picked out six of the pets, helped them into their snoods, and went for a walk around. I always hope that having a larger group of lambs running around adds to the photographic opportunities, but in practice the opposite is true. There's always someone chewing on my camera, another couple jumping up on my legs... of the six, Primrose, a gorgeous Suffolk/Mule, was the only one who was in the posing mood. In the field:

And the yard:

Hazel, a Texel, in the yard.

The daffodils in full bloom.

No one else was in the mood for any posing - from left to right here is Primrose (purple), Holly (blue), Hazel (green) and Ivy (pink).


Ivy and Martha.

Primrose and a photobombing Ivy.

Daisy, a Texel/Kerry Hill lamb, was glued to my leg for the whole walk and didn't even appear on camera!

After these photos, which are just okay and not what I was hoping for, I gave up on photographing the girls, and instead took them into my house to pay a visit to my bedridden mother. The six sets of hooves clattering on the floor brought a big smile onto her face. The lambs did their good deed!

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