17 May 2022

Martha's Friends

Martha and her brother were born during the busiest three weeks of lambing in March. Her mother had no milk at all so the lambs became pets. Martha was sickly at first but after a few days she rallied and she hasn't looked back. She was smaller than her brother at first but she has overtaken him now. I took her out for a wee walk on the halter. We ended up next to Granny's Field.

Carol and her son EĆ³ghan came over to meet Martha.

The light was almost gone for the evening by the time we returned to the lambing shed. Eddie and Eunice greeted us first - their pen is the closest to the door.

One of the last ewes to lamb had lost her lamb so we were in the process of adopting one of the pets onto her.

After a few more days, these two were off to the fields together, a new family.

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  1. The little lamb getting his new mama looks quite happy! Sheepy smiles!