20 May 2022

The Nigel Family Lookout

Nigel was my Very Special Pet Lamb last year - he was a good bit smaller than everyone else, became a pet lamb when all of the others were weaned or near enough, and followed me wherever I went. As he matured he became a bit more independent but he's still a special boy. I fetched him from the field so we could go for an evening walk.

I ended up having to tether him to a gatepost, though, because of his typical, sheepish behaviour with our special guest.

The view was as lovely as always.

Joining Nigel and I for this evening stroll was Nancy, Nigel's little sister. Their mum had twins again this year, Texels this time, and only enough milk for one. Nancy was the smaller of the two lambs so she became a pet. She's just as cheeky as her brother was at her age.

Nigel wanted to headbutt her, hence his time-out!

I sat on the ground with my back against the wall and watched the sun go down. Nancy had less interest in the view so she just explored - she'd never been in a field before.

With the sun set, I thought to take a couple of selfies. With the DSLR I could just about squeeze myself and Nigel into the frame.

With my phone I managed to capture all three of us.

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