27 May 2022

On the Hill

On a clear evening I took a drive over to the flock of ewes and lambs that live on what we call "the big hill", the field with a clear view down to the coast. I tried to get some photos of a few of the characters that have appeared over lambing time.

Eileen and Emma, twin ewe lambs out of Chanel, Flora's daughter.

Emma - named after my very good friend Emma, who helped to warm up newborn Emma who was very cold and lethargic. The two Emmas sat on the kitchen floor for a while, the lamb wrapped in a towel, and there was only one name that lamb could possibly have.

Sooty's brother. Who's Sooty? You'll see at some stage...

The unnamed daughter of Fiona.

One of Dad's lambs.

Rita's unnamed ewe lamb.

A successful lamb adoption - the lamb on the left is the ewe's actual lamb, the lamb on the left is Daisy's brother. Who's Daisy? You'll meet her at some stage too...

One of Chloe's unnamed twin ewe lambs. Chloe wasn't sure whether to hit or lick her newborns so we had to put them in an old lick tub. Chloe was able to lick them but not hit them, and within half an hour she had decided that she loved her lambs after all. 

Chloe's other lamb, who has the same shape of head as her mother and her grandmother Olive.

A Mule and her lamb.

Big ears run in the Olive family.


The twins.

Sooty's mum. One of our "cross-eyed" ewes. She's actually the mother of the ewe in the photo above.

Sooty's brother. (Who's Sooty? etcetera...)

One of our youngest lambs.

Sooty's mum and brother. A very cute family.

I suspect that this ewe is the oldest on the farm - judging by her tags she is at least ten, likely older.

Morag and her boys.

On the way back to the yard, I took a few photos of hill on fire.

By morning the fire was out.

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