14 November 2022

Several Selfie Attempts

I don't often take selfies, but now and again I take the notion. I set up the camera with my tripod and shutter release cable, a shutter button on the end of a metre of cable. I dragged all of this equipment into the field with the pet sheep and immediately came across a stumbling block that I always seem to forget about: sheep love to nibble things. The moment I sat that tripod down on the grass, it was surrounded by curious lambs who were nibbling and biting at everything. I wasn't safe either, my ponytail apparently looking very edible on that day. The cable to my shutter button was also very tasty apparently, and I kept having to pull it out of hungry mouths.

In the end I had to abandon the tripod and just carry the camera and shutter around with me. It gave me some extra flexibility with the selfies, not having to have one finger on the camera's shutter button all the time.

The next challenge was getting one of the lambs to pose with me. I sat down on their favourite rock and was eventually joined by Astrid, but she was her usual helpful self and just made a few funny faces.

So I technically had a selfie with a sheep, but I had been aiming for something a little less unhinged. I changed positions and knelt on the grass. Enid and Beth came over to say hello. While I was taking this selfie, Enid was eating my fleece and Beth was nibbling on the camera.

Then Enid went for the face sniff/kiss.

And Beth used my momentary distraction to bite the shutter cable clean in two! So that was the end of my selfie adventure for the day.

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  1. Nice natural photos, good to see your smiley face and the kissy sheep. They love you Ruth :)