22 November 2022

From a Distance

Since Beth had bitten right through my camera shutter release cable, I was in need of a replacement. Sometimes it's very useful to not have to be right beside the camera when you're taking photos. The shutter release cable was very useful, but limited, so this time I decided the replacement should be wireless. Once it arrived I got it set up - one part attaches at the top of the camera via the hot shoe, the other is a remote I can carry around.

Susan and I headed up to the fields to try this out. I set the camera up on a stone wall, with a nice view, and drove back and forth a few times. For a first attempt I'm pretty pleased with the results.

One of Susan's favourite things in the world is racing the quad so she was very happy too.

This remote opens up a lot of fun creative possibilities that will be interesting to explore.

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