30 November 2022

A Sunday Stroll by the Lough

This winter Blue Belle is in a small field at the bottom of a hill which isn't far from the lough. I took her there once, years ago during the spring, and we had a lovely picnic. The weather this time around was a bit duller but we still had a lot of fun.

When I say that she's near the lough, what I mean is that we have to go through a narrow gate, across a stream, across a field, through another gate, down a lane and then across a busy main road... but then we're there!

Blue Belle wasn't sure about all this at first. 

But once she got onto the road/path and started her walk she calmed down. There were a few people out on the lough in a small motor boat, likely from the local angling club, and the noise kept catching her attention. I don't think she has seen a boat before which is fair enough.

A day for landscape photography it was not.

They ran off before I could get a picture of them, but there was a small flock of Blackface tip lambs grazing in this field and Blue Belle very much wanted to join them - she is, after all, just a large sheep in her mind.

The lough is surrounded by farmland on all sides, so every time I come here I expect to see some animals. Further on there was a herd of cows.

They were curious about Blue Belle.

Blue Belle wasn't very curious about them, really. She wanted me to tell them that their hedge tasted nice, though.

Next we came upon a field of calves. They were curious too. This one was the bravest.

Soon a friend came over as well.

Before she knew it, Blue Belle had an audience for her browsing.

We had a very lovely time at the lough even if it was a bit grey. I'll be sure to take advantage of Blue Belle being so close to here and go for more walks.

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