10 December 2022

Back at the Lough

A week after our last visit, Blue Belle and I were back at the lough. I had made an extension for her lead so that I could get some more of the environment in the photos.

"Mum, that looks deep!" 

"There's no safety railing!"

Once Blue Belle processed this she was happy to start browsing for nibbles.

We walked the same route as last time. It was a grey day but not quite as overcast as last time.

Two swans came over to say hello to us.

Yummy hedges and banks were very distracting.

The herd of cows was still there.

The flock of sheep too.

It was another lovely walk and the lead extension worked a treat.

1 comment:

  1. Blue Belle is the cutest pony ever, love the second photo.
    Whoever trims her feet is doing a great job, love those heel first landings.
    Even when its wet and gray skies it still is lovely countryside.