31 December 2022

Interrupting Breakfast

The pets have eaten most of the grass in their field and now are enjoying a winter diet of silage and sheep nuts. There's a mad dash up the hill to the troughs every morning, and once the sheep have finished their nuts, they wander down to their bale. Dad was even good enough to put down some gravel so they wouldn't be tramping through too much mud. 

Susan and I came to visit one morning after the nuts had been finished, just as the sun was coming up.

The lambs are scared of dogs but not really. They're very curious too. Susan is the least intimidating because she just watches them. Holly was feeling the bravest on this morning.

Beth enjoys dogs, I think.

Primrose and Daisy.

There's Pearl.



Holly with Enid hiding behind her.

Primrose again because she's pretty.




Nancy and friends at the bale.


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