28 December 2022


Yesterday I visited Toni and met Smaug, her crested gecko friend. Knowing that I was going to meet him, I brought along my camera for a little photoshoot. We started at the kitchen table with a macro lens.

We moved to the windowsill where there was more light. You can really enjoy his colour here.

Say cheese!

A handsome gentleman.

Oh. Well, thank you for your time!

That's my first ever gecko photoshoot done!


  1. Does his name give him visions of dragonly grandeaur? ;o)
    Hope you had a great Christmas and I look forward to following your photo journey in the new year!

    1. Wee Smaug can certainly jump quite far for such a little fella! He's fascinating to watch, though.

      A very Happy New Year to you, your continued support this year has been very much appreciated. Here's to 2023! :)