11 April 2023

And So It Begins...

I had the pregnant pet ewes in the shed for a few weeks, getting rounder and rounder, before Blossom kicked things off on the 20th January with twin boys. Unfortunately one of them didn't make it, but the bigger and the stronger of the two thrived and first time mum Blossom was a natural.

Then, on the 23rd January, Flora had twins, a tip and a ewe. Flora had been suffering from a case of twin lamb disease (an easier way to say pregnancy toxaemia) for a few days and I was very worried about her. She couldn't stand for the last day of her pregnancy and I had to bring food and water to her several times a day. She needed some help but we safely delivered the lambs. She rejected one, however, the ewe lamb, who became a pet.

The lambs I named Francis and Frances. The lambs look almost identical and so do their names.

Francis, a few days old with mum:

It was Tilly's turn on 25th January - she had triplets, three girls. Sadly the smallest didn't quite make it despite our best efforts. As usual Tilly made the whole process look effortless and didn't require help at any stage. The smaller, black ewe is Fionnoula and bigger brown one is Fifi. This is Tilly with Fionnoula.

Blossom's lamb, Fabian, aged five days. The special thing about Fabian is his nose moustache. It's easier to explain with a clear photo taken outside. Something to look forward to in a future post!

Penny looking very round and uncomfortable.

Audrey and the late Leslie.


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