13 April 2023

Early Arrivals

Lambing isn't due to begin until the 12th March, you say? Whoops! We ended up having quite a lot of lambs born over a week in late January/early February. It was a puzzle to me until I remembered that time in late summer when we put a few ewes in a field along with our two new Texel tips for a week, thinking nothing much of it. How foolish! Of course the boys, ahem, jumped on the opportunity. Because of their surprise arrival, some of the lambs stayed outside while others were caught and brought in - like this young fellow.

And this wee woman.

It was very ominous to have a pet pen this full so early in the lambing season...

As for the pets, on the 31st of January Penny suffered a prolapse, but shortly after went into labour. We managed - or, I should say, Dad managed - to get the two lambs out. A pair of huge ewe lambs, Frida and Fern.

The following day Heather had dead lambs for the second year running but she was able to adopt Fred, Clover's son and Rosie's grandson, who was born on 30th January.

Margot had twins on the 4th February called Florence and Floyd. She loved them very much. This is Florence:

Audrey had twins the following day, a boy and a girl - twins this time that were genuinely difficult to tell apart.

Felicity, the ewe lamb.

Laurel was still holding on to her lamb, but being Audrey's very best friend, I kept them both together.

The boy lamb on the right is called Felix.

Our ancient Dorset ewe had twins this year, a boy and a girl as well. You'll be seeing more of the girl, but for now this is the boy.

Margot looking for food.

Florence and mum.


Fern (and Ethel, behind the light).

Frida and Sybil.

Lots of lambs to keep track of and we were not properly started yet!

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