24 September 2023

Belfast Championship Dog Show 2023

Yesterday I visited day one of the Belfast Champion Dog Show. It was my first experience of a dog show beyond sometimes watching Crufts on television. I went with my aunt and her sister, and we all really enjoyed it. The first thing we came across was an agility competition in full swing.

A couple of rocket Collies!


A disaster in four images.

The agility was spectacular to watch.

But there was plenty more to see - two buildings were the setting for many, many show dog classes. When we first went inside, we came across what should probably be called a flock of Bedlington Terriers.

Further on, we saw the Golden Retrievers.

A lovely Norwegian Elkhound.

A Rhodesian Ridgeback

I do love the Borzoi. It was wonderful to see one in person.

The Dachshunds were also in attendance.


A lady and her Manchester Terrier.

An Afghan Hound waiting for its moment in the spotlight.

We went into the second building and met some Cocker Spaniels.

A Rough Collie.

Outside, the agility competition was still ongoing. Plenty of thrills and spills!

We returned to the first building. This Whippet was ready for the show ring.

A Basset Hound.

A Dandie Dinmont Terrier enjoying the view.


Just lying around.

A very well-behaved Welsh Springer Spaniel.

Some Pointers being judged.

No visit to my aunt's would be complete without taking a photo or two of Cousin Holly.

Best in show in our hearts.


  1. Wonderful, Ruth. Brilliant photos and a great account of our day

  2. A wonderful set of pictures! The capture of the agility competitors over the jump especially skilful.