20 September 2023

Dump Sweet Dump

Back in May the grass in the pets' field was looking a bit sad. In fact it has been looking a bit sad for a few years now. Constant year-round grazing is not good for a field. The poor thing needed a break! So the pets were shepherded into the field next door, known as the dump field for its ditch at the bottom which used to be used for dumping things. A few days later Teddy and I paid an evening visit to the sheep to see how they were settling in.

Ethel was fine with the move.

Angel too.

For the young lambs like Frida here I wasn't too worried - as far as they are concerned a field is a field. The older sheep who have lived on that same field for years would be a bit more distressed.


Well... Millie wasn't very distressed, and to my surprise no one was. The grown-ups were just as settled as the children.




Primrose enjoying a browse.

It was great to see everyone so happy with their new arrangement.



It always makes me happy to see happy sheep.

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