13 September 2023

The Last Lamb

We waited and we waited but at last the final lamb was born in late May. It was a wee boy.

While I was out taking photos of him I took some of his field friends.

Clementine, Rosie's daughter, caught my eye. Her lamb is a bit big for milk!

Very long.

Nigel's sister, Nigella, had a ewe lamb I have named Nigette. Of course.

Very pretty lady.

Poppy's brothers.

Penny's daughter Bridget had a huge ewe lamb too.

Carol's tip lamb - I raised Fina, his twin sister.

Chloe's gorgeous twin girls.

Carol and her lamb.



The last lamb's mum.

Photos taken, I drove closer to the gate.

The young lamb had just settled down for a rest. Mum wasn't very happy that these older lambs were so close!

Chloe and her girls watched on.

A very protective mum.

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