12 December 2023

Poppy Takes Root

In my previous post, I introduced Poppy, the puppy my dad and I found in our lambing shed.

Once it became apparent that Poppy was here for keeps, I started introducing her to everyone. First it was the pet sheep.

For the Poppy that came first (standing here on a stone for extra height), I'm sure it was confusing. But Poppy was just the perfect name for Poppy - on both occasions!

The fence was the best way to keep everyone involved out of trouble. Poppy was certainly interested in her new family members.

Feebee having a closer look.

Poppy the lamb still needing that extra height.

We knew nothing at all about Poppy, but surely there must be some Border Collie in that mix.

Titch didn't bother coming over.

Fern and Frida, on the other hand...

It wasn't just the sheep - the most important members of Poppy's new family were the aunties. Jess took a few weeks to come around to the idea of Poppy being around, but she isn't a fan of change. Susan was the first auntie Poppy met, and it wasn't long before Fly joined them for our walks. One evening, while I was tending to Blue Belle in the yard, I let the three of them run about.

Joining Auntie Fly.

Fly and Susan make great aunties.

First family portrait (we'll get better).

Blue Belle.

Poppy liked to insert herself into conversations.

But that could work both ways!


Another evening, one with some sunshine, I had Olive out for a walk.

She was trying out a new halter type for me.

She said hello to Blue Belle.

They both talked to each other.


Olive is scared of dogs, so for everyone's safety I didn't let Poppy run loose until Olive was back in her field. We sat in front of the house and enjoyed the sunset. Photos cannot convey how soft Poppy's ears are.

What was that quote about dogs and heartbeats and feet?

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