14 December 2023

Poppy's September

September treated us to a heatwave. Walks were taken as soon as it cooled down in the evenings.

One evening we went up to the field to sit and watch the sunset.


With Poppy around, it was hard for Fly to get that peace and quiet she so enjoys.

But Poppy also sat with me a lot. She'd only been with us for a short time, but already she was bonded to me.

A very silly puppy.

It was a hazy evening.

Auntie Fly.

Poppy watching.

She couldn't resist the temptation to get involved in the conversation sometimes, though.

But for the rough games it was grown-ups only.

On another evening, Poppy visited the pet sheep, this time without the fence between us. Fern and Frida were, of course, first in line to say hello. Poppy wasn't sure about this!

Curious Marigold went in for a sniff.

A man was driving his horse along the road here.

The sheep didn't follow us all the way to the bottom of the field, but by the time we'd made our way back up the other side, we were due to run into some more.

Poppy watching.

Poppy (the sheep) watching right back - Flossie too.

Back in the yard.

It's still hard to believe that we just found this puppy in that very shed.

Blue Belle in the garden. Poppy helped with poop scooping every day, although I didn't take photos of that!

The quest for the perfect family photo continues - three out of four in this one!

Susan wandered off, but Poppy and Fly nailed it.

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