21 April 2024

A Quick Jaunt Through January

2024, and January, began with cold, frosty weather. I was out with the pets as often as I could be to take advantage.

Fina enjoying her breakfast.


I had a frosty photoshoot with Poppy.

On some days the frost never melted at all. It was on one of those days, with the frost lingering, that I took Blue Belle for a walk with the dogs.

Blue Belle, of course, took the opportunity to eat as much as possible.

Jessica keeping an eye on things. As far as she is concerned, Blue Belle is some kind of strange, over-sized sheep.

Jess was also lurking around the other dogs (as usual).

I tried to make the most of those winter mornings. Here's Rosie doing the same.



Frida again.


On another occasion, I arrived in the field to find Primrose rooted to the spot as everyone paraded past her.

Fern and frost and sunrise.





Millie, still relaxing.


Meanwhile, Poppy and Susan were also having frosty photoshoots.

Poppy and I went to the big city to visit Cousin Holly.

The cousins had never met before but ended up getting along famously.

There was also some standing around in the yard to be done.

And finally, Tilly ended the month by having one healthy lamb (out of four) - I called her Grace.
Lambing had begun...

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