16 April 2024

Dashing Through December

Once again, time has got away from me. Time for a quick run through what we all got up to in December...

Poppy and Susan helped to feed the lambs.

Frost on the feeder.

We may be at work but there is always time for posing.

Susan, even in the depths of winter, has a habit of jumping into the troughs when she's been running with the quad. Poppy hasn't got in yet, but she sometimes sticks one leg in. On this occasion, the trough was frozen solid so Poppy improvised this technique to cool down.

Another failed attempt at a family photo.

Poppy sort of knows the "stand" command. It makes a change from sitting or lying down and staying.

The sheep, meanwhile, spent their December eating as much as they could - no change, really.






Flossie and Frida.

Sybil and a photobombing Frida.

Onto 2024...

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