Do we have to? *Moan*

 Yes, we do. The rain and bad weather has stopped the silage-making alltogether - until last Monday, that is. There was a sudden burst of activity, with three fields mowed and baled in three days. Fly was most helpful.

I'm not moving.

I woke up on Monday, to a call to get ready and get into the car. Quick breakfast, lead, harness, treats, fleece, coat, done - oh, almost forgot the dog.

Thanks very much. Why, oh why, did you then have to remember?

Ben likes his work, spending time with me, and doin' his messin' in the back of the tractor.

As soon as the baling is finished, the Buzzards appear from the Tollymore trees, and swoop down to catch field mice and all sorts of yummy critters. Sorry about the poor quality of this photo, but it was taken though a tractor window, and the bird was very far away

Buzzard on a bale

The foxes in my Granny's garden are very jealous. (Once again taken through a window.)


Did someone say critters?

Sheila has had a busy week, too. She stopped a mass breakout from a flock of ewes, and got annoyed by Ben. Again.

Why does everyone say I'm annoying? *Pout*

Moving on... it's Blog Hop Saturday! Again! For the last time this month! Sob! Where's Summer going!? More sobbing!

We like hopping! Wooo! Yeah!

Agility star of the future!

I have never done any doggy sport before, and to be honest, I'm not built for it.

Can you tell that from my agility 'equipment'?

This is my hoop (which is basically two street cones, a hoop and some baling twine).

Makeshift Agility Hoop

This is my low jump (which is basically a fence post, a concrete block and a little bucket full of fence staples).

Makeshift Agility Jump

And finally, the best jump of all (which is basically two water containers, a fence post and some more baling twine)!

I believe I can fly!
Makeshift Agility Jump (with Sheila)

All that proves is my imagination, really, and that Sheila thinks she's a bird. Not much hope there, then.

Where do you even start with agility anyway? I'm thinking of joining a local club maybe (once I've found one, that is). They have the see-saws and the A-frames and stuff? Right? Things that you can't build with baling twine and fence posts. And then there's what happens at clubs. Do you practise inside or out?

One thing that I do know is that each dog must be over a year old to enter, because of their joints. And they must be well socialised, bause of all of the other dogs there too.

Sheila falls there, because her and other dogs don't get on well.

Ah well. Sounded like too much work, anyway.

So that leaves me with one dog. One dog who never jumps. Ever. Ben.


Seriously, he never jumps - I have to lift him onto the quad sometimes because he doesn't fell like jumping. He just puts his paws up on it, and stands there, as if he was going to climb a mountian.

Of course, Ben is still too young to learn anything yet, so we'll start in 2011 by joining a local club. If there is one.

I think you're mad.

Wish me luck finding a club!

I’m not trusted

Apparently, I run away and don't come back, sending everyone out to the fields in a panic, in case I've killed a lamb... as if.

Kim really isn't trusted off-lead. No matter how much recall training I do, sheep are much more interesting. Two dogs who can be trusted are Sheila and Ben.


At the Castlewellan Show last weekend, I bought a ball thrower from Guide Dogs. I've never had one before, I usually just kick a football for them. I was very excited about using it. Sheila was, too.

Can I have it?

I threw it, and Sheila kept looking at me. It went so far, that she didn't realise I had thrown it at all. I had to walk towards it for her to notice where it was - and then she didn't give it back. She even went far away so I couldn't reach.

Hi. I'm far away. *Nom, nom, nom*

Ha ha! You can't catch me!

You still can't catch me!

You suck... because you still can't catch me!
Run! Faster!


Eventually, I did catch her, and she got annoyed.

Give it to me!
Ruining the shot!

Yeah. Thanks for ruining the shot!

You're welcome! Ball. Now. I will get angry..!

I worship you, oh, Mighty Ball Thrower!
I worship the Ball Thrower

You will throw the ball, won't you?
Can I have the ball?

You threw the ball! Good woman yourself! Whoo-hoo!
Get the ball!

Later on that evening, I brought Ben out, too. He was a bit confused at first, but soon understood what was meant of him.

Oh, right... get the ball. Got ya!

Ball now please! *Grrs from Sheila*

Ben has a whole range of ways to try and get the ball off Sheila. Jumping on her, grabbing her collar and pulling, nibbling her ears, lick her mouth, grab the ball from her mouth and give chase. There is also the 'lie down beside her and paw at her with your legs until she gets annoyed and drops the ball' technique. It's quite funny to watch.

Ben and Sheila

And it also doesn't work. Time to give chase!

Ben and Sheila

And also, for your enjoyment, in video form.

All of this messing meant that a ladybird was in bad drying ground.

Step on me... and I won't fly away... 'cause I'll be crushed... don't do it!

The ewes wanted food.

You have some nice grass there...

And the ball got killed.


Are you going to throw that?
Ben and Sheila

 Are you going to let me go?

Are you going to include me in this post?

It’s pullin’ and spittin’ time!

I want the ball!!! Can I have it?
Sheila and Ben

I had Ben and Sheila in the garden this morning, in a rare sunny moment. It's been raining almost all week!

Can we do something interesting now?
Ben and Sheila

Football was the sport of choice this morning, although we could do with some new ones...


But this is the ball the dogs love. They enjoy pulling the white stuff off of it and spitting it out. They both want some of that pullin' 'n' spittin' action!

It's mine - now shove off!
Sheila and Ben

Oh, look at me! I'm prancing like a horse! Neigh!
Sheila and Ben

I need some pullin' 'n' spittin' time, too...
Sheila and Ben

Sheila growls - a lot, and sometimes it can drive Ben nuts.

Sheila and Ben

Go fetch, peasant!
Sheila and Ben

Ben just about had enough of Sheila's noise-making, so he pushed her into a hole.

Sheila and Ben

Can you give me a hand here?
Ben and Sheila

I called Ben to one side and gave him a few tips, as if he was listening.

Hey... did she just... drop the ball?!

Yes I did! And you missed it! Ha ha!

Ben quickly refueled...

Must. Eat. Grass...

...And returned to the battlefield for round two.

Sheila and Ben

It ended badly.

Ouch! My nose!
Sheila and Ben

That really hurt!
Sheila and Ben


Sheila and Ben

I love these guys - crazy, but loveable. Moral: share your pullin' 'n' spittin' time with your friends!