Sheila's Six!

It was Sheila's sixth birthday on Monday! Time has flown. I still remember that day I said to my Dad, "Sheila's one today." Here Sheila is staring intently at her birthday gift.

If I'm going to give a dog a bone, I'll usually go for a rawhide one. I get the (possibly flawed) impression that they're safer for the dogs. But this time since it was a special occasion, I got a real bone instead. It was dried, though, which actually surprised me; let's just say that I was expecting to have to wipe my hands.

Sheila got very excited indeed when she saw the bone. But when it came to actually taking it, there was some subtle snatching involved...

She had a good ol' chew as well. Oh, she loved it.

I'm glad you enjoyed your birthday present, pet.

While she was nibbling I tried some experimentation with the camera.

You see, when camera shake is done deliberately it can have a nice effect.

Happy Belated Birthday, Sheila!

Teddy's Squeaky Hedgehog Massage Service

The dogs have a lot of toys available to them but they all seem to latch on to one favourite thing. Sheila for example has a toy Santa which is her favourite. Teddy's favourite toy is a little squeaky hedgehog.

He loves looking after his squeaky hedgehog.

I think that Teddy's favourite pass-time is getting his picture taken, however. Simply because he's so good at it.

Blimey, he's big, isn't he? And just 10-and-a-half-months-old - how big is he going to get? That's what I'd like to know.

I think he's forgotten he's holding a hedgehog is this picture.

Oh, hello, Teddy.

He's like a giant draft excluder.

How many hedgehogs can he fit in his mouth, I wonder.

He's not chewing the hedgehog - he's giving it a massage. With his teeth...

*****     *****     *****

Out-of-Date Update on the Lambs


It was back in early March that I took these photographs - quite a while ago now! But since I plan this weekend to go and photograph them all again it makes sense to post these now before they are unusable...

Teddy and Sheila were my assistants for the morning.

There were varying levels of enthusiasm from all concerned, as you can clearly see.

Darkie this year had two lambs - both boys. They are thriving since Darkie is the gentlest ewe we have and is an excellent mum. In this photograph the facing lamb is staggered to find that his whole milk has become semi-skimmed.

A handsome pair of boys follow Mummy.

Oh wait - another tea break.

Teddy was so busy glaring at me that he didn't notice Tilly approaching.

And finally we saw Sugar and her lambs.

There's a queue for the milk bar.

And here are some random ewes and lambs: