Queen of the Stump

I can spend a lot of time watching lambs play. They're so innocent and silly, and anything can become a game. In this case, these three lambs had a battle over who could be Queen of the Stump. At the moment, this little white-faced lamb is Queen, with the aid of her speckled friend.

Pink-nosed lamb has accepted her position as subordinate. Speckled lamb tries to eat the stump.

It is speckled lamb's turn to keep watch as white-faced lamb tries to eat the stump.

Speckled lamb tries to eat the stump from the other side.

A two-pronged attack on stump occurs. Pink-nosed lamb tries her hand at eating it. Speckled lamb tries pawing (or "hoofing") it into submission. White-faced lamb shows little interest in attack and nibbles some grass.

White-faced lamb stares at the ground.

White-faced lamb stares as pink-nosed lamb and speckled lamb get into argument.

Victorious, speckled lamb becomes Queen of the Stump, and white-faced lamb is banished to go and stare at something else.

A Spring Evening with the Sheep ::: Part II


Even on this beautiful spring evening, there was still snow on the mountain-tops. In this flock lives Gloria (in focus) and her brother.

The flock gathered around the quad because they were expecting me to give them food.

Dave is in the flock too.

I wonder if Gloria and Dave still hang out together like they did when I was bottle feeding them. Gloria especially is looking really good.

I was really happy to spot Eye-Patch Lamb. Her eye-patch is fading a little, and she's getting brown splodges on her face, but you can still see her eye-patch.

When no food was forthcoming, the flock wandered off.

Such a lovely view...

...Better stick a dog in front of it.

We caught up with the flock once more.

The flock wandered off again, so we had to move again.

Then Jess jumped out of the front box, and the flock ran away. Gloria's mum and brother on the move:

We didn't follow the flock this time. We went inside and called it a day after 703 photos.

A Spring Evening with the Sheep ::: Part I

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The lambs are getting bigger and bigger. I took the quad up to see them one Sunday evening. I wanted to take photos of the sheep and lambs as the sun set.

From the quad's front box, Jess kept a close eye on the flock.

The lambs will play on any kind of hill.

This field is the highest point on the farm.

The bar was full.

You can see the sea from this hill.

I like this photo because the fields are as wrinkly as the lamb!

At this point we moved on to the next flock. I'll post those photos another day.