Apple Bobbing

Since Blue Belle is such a huge fan of apples, and apple bobbing is something I enjoyed a lot when I was younger, I thought it would be fun to let Blue Belle have a go.

Bless her, she did try.

"So frustrating!"

She tried another tactic.

"Let me just tip this over..."

It didn't work.


Not one to give up on yummy apples easily, she tried again...

Some more pawing (or 'hoofing', ahaha).

"Stop laughing at me - this is not funny."

Gallantly she kept trying as I giggled uselessly.

She almost had an apple a few times.

But I am not a total monster. Blue Belle got a very sad expression on her face when she gave up, so I took pity on her and gave her an apple for trying.

She's a very messy eater!

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Hug a Sheep Day 2016

Today is (Inter)National Hug a Sheep Day. Since last year I've added lots of huggable sheep to my flock, but there is one that will always be extra special - and that's Suckie.

Together for over eleven and a half years and still going strong.

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Happy Hug a Sheep Day!

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Hey, Everybody, It's Bob!

Welcome to part two of my "Going Soft Saga" (the first being Ducky). I suppose being unable to save Nobby has left me on a mission to save as many lambs as possible. The latest save is young Bob here:

Could I have found a more conspicuous lamb?

As soon as they saw him, my lambs literally fell over each other to get away. They'd never seen a sheep quite like Bob before.

Of course Suckie has seen it all before, and it wasn't long before Bob naturally gravitated towards her.

I bought Bob from my hairdresser (as you do). He's a wether (castrated male), a about the same age as my lambs, and he's a Zwartable-cross-Texel which accounts for his unusual colouring.

He's not used to being photographed even while he's eating.

Better hide behind Suckie.

He is a very unusual looking chap. I'm giving him a chance to be saved from becoming lamb chops. Hopefully he can stay for a good while. He's not tame, but he has a quiet nature. Lots of bribery should bring him around.

Welcome, Bob. Please do stay a while.

There Once Was an Ugly Ducky...

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This is Ducky. She has featured on this blog before - as a background character, if you like. As you can probably see, she didn't start out in life as the cutest lamb there ever was. She was tiny with knobbly knees and I would have placed money on her growing horns. So she was called the Ugly Duckling, or Ducky for short.

A few months later and her looks had improved considerably but the name Ducky had stuck. Her personality also shone through - she was cheeky and loved tummy scratches. She was in the shed with other lambs who would be fattened up for market. She was too small to keep for breeding.

And so do you know what I did? In a moment that may be by some considered idiocy I threw her out into the field with my lambs. I checked in on her all day, hoping and hoping that the lamb who'd never seen or eaten grass would just eat some grass. It was around 3 o'clock in the afternoon before I saw her eating grass, but what a sight!

The following morning Ducky was still with the girls. The four of them had been together since day one - Ducky was new, so there was some pushing and shoving at poor Ducky until they worked out who was who. But it didn't bother Ducky too much. First at the gate in the shed, it was no different in the field - if she head me she came running.

She'd only been in the field for a day so she wasn't completely settled, but she was eating grass much to my delight.

It was business as usual for the other lambs. Miss Millie:

Pip and Margo:

Rosie and Millie:


That evening I checked in on the girls again. Margo:

Rosie and Margo:


Rosie and Pip:


And as for Ducky, she may not be the prettiest sheep in the flock, but she'd settled and seemed happy eating grass. She was saved!

Welcome to the family, Ducky.