Making a Start

On Thursday, while playing with Pip in the living room, I looked out of the window to see my dad mowing the field outside my house. He was starting the silage.

Making bales of silage is the main job of the Summer months. It's one that I've helped with for four years now, always with a dog in tow. Now it was Pip's turn to learn the ropes. She had never been in a moving tractor before, and with her nervous nature, I wasn't sure how she'd take to the engine noise.

Thankfully, I needn't have worried. Although the movement of the tractor was scary at first, she soon got used to it.

Riding high like a pro!

It turned out that my dad was only mowing a small area to have as somewhere to wrap the bales. The grand total for the day was two. There was pleanty of room to wrap them though!

Pip looked very happy with her day's work!


The Blue Trailer's Return and an Award!

The blue trailer (another recurring prop) was back in action again yesterday, this time with better results.

I always think that getting a photo of the dogs together is like Tetris. Sometimes (actually most of the time), things don't go according to plan.


We got an award! The Versatile Blogger.

And it's green. Lovely.

Thanks to Dog Blogging With Luna and Arwen's Pack for the award!

Somebody has got to change the rules for these things. This is my fourth award, and, once again, I have to write seven things about myself. Here goes...

1) I've been writing about my photos online for over 2 years now, starting on 31st May 2009.
2) I have started writing short stories, but never finish them.
3) I have never been on holiday, or crossed a border.
4) My first time driving a tractor was when I was little. It was on auto so all I had to was steer. Terrifying. Oh, come on, I was 4!
5) I didn't have a computer until November 2007. I taught myself almost everything.
6) I was once asked to draw a donkey for a pin-the-tail game.
7) Do you remember the Guinea Pigs I looked after in March? I learned then that too much celery gives them diarrhea. Enough said.

And 15 blogs who deserve the award are...

14) BCxFour

Thanks everyone!

To the Summer Field

I spend most of my Summer walking my dogs in this one field. It's huge and just in front of the house. Silage is made here, so the grass is usually very long or either very short. For the moment, it still growing... so not long, not short if you know what I mean.

Are you quite finished?

Yes. I think so.

Then to the Summer field!

The dogs love the running.

They run so fast, they are blurry (well, here Ben isn't, but he's camera friendly).

Warning. Warning. Collision immanent.

Once they've finished running, the dogs move on to phase two - rough play.

Pip checks Ben's teeth for tartar.

Ben checks Pip's neck for... uh, solidness? Tartar? Fluff? It's hard to tell.

Once Ben has finished checking Pip for stuff, he moves on the next victim play mate.

Guess who?

You may be wondering, where on earth does Pip go during this harassment? The truth is, she goes nowhere.

Pip just watches excitedly.

The final stage is being tired (the two in the back take a little longer).

Three steps, three very tired dogs, one field. It's gonna be a great Summer.

Green Dog TV Father's Day Special - Who's the Daddy?

I've been saving this video for Father's Day.

Just for starters, Rams and Tips are the same thing. I call them all sorts in this video, but eventually I stop being posh and call them by their local name, Tips.
But why is it trouble for Sheila to round up these Tips? Well, they're in a small pen so, with Sheila's fast rounding up, one of them might jump the low fence and escape.
But what happen next? Myself and Ben walked off and Sheila soon noticed we were gone and came to join us. There's no calling her off.

This post is dedicated to my Dad. Thank you, for everything.

Happy Father's Day!

Little Pip's Road Trip


Pip was ready to go!

We went with some lambs to a collection point, which just happens to be where Ben and Pip were both born. But unlike her pups, Rua is extremely camera shy. Thankfully she was curious enough about Pip to make her oblivious to the camera...

Can you see Rua's wall eye? It's just adorable!

After that lucky close-up, shy Rua ran off and watched us from a distance.

But I have a lot to thank Rua for - she gave me two beautiful brown dogs, Ben and Pip.


The End of an Era

Maths. English. Art. I.C.T.. Learning for Life and Work. Countryside and Environment. R.E. P.E. They're all over.

Because yeaterday, I completed my last GCSE exam paper, I.C.T., and left school for good.

Ben was on hand to help me revise for my last exam...

Come to think of it, that ICT file looks to be in a bit of a mess (but it's not the worst in the class, mind you!)

I revised for all of my GCSEs on this bed.

Ben tried his best to help me go over a past paper...

But Ben was a dog, and he couldn't read. So he got stuck on question 1C.

He thought and he thought...

And I didn't have the heart to tell him it was already written down...

But what now for me? 10 weeks of Summer holidays, that's what! I still can't belive it. Then (if I pass my exams) it's on to a Regional College. Wish me luck!

Green Dog TV - Fox Sighting

I just wanted to show you this quick video of a fox that myself and dad saw in the field. We've been seeing them a lot lately.

After this sighting, I went up to try and see them again and perhaps photograph them... but no luck. We are still seeing them every couple of days or so. There are 3 of them, a vixen and her two cubs. In the video was a cub.

This is the best picture of a fox I've ever taken - and it's rubbish because it was taken through a window.

And this is another rubbish photo of a fox cub from last year.

Maybe I'll get a good photo some day...