Nothing’s impressive when you’re black and white…

Sheila has the look of unimpressiveness down to a “T”.

Sheila-27-03-11 (6)

I had a strange urge to take photos of Sheila on Sunday afternoon, with a hope of taking some cute ones with her ears sticking up.

Sheila-27-03-11 (1)

But her ears would only stick up occasionally. The rest of the time she was suitably unimpressed.

Sheila-27-03-11 (5)

I tried to lift her mood with a colourful scarf.

Sheila-27-03-11 (4)

Sheila-27-03-11 (3)

Sheila-27-03-11 (11)

Sheila-27-03-11 (16)

Once in a while…

Sheila-27-03-11 (14)

…She’d look vaguely interested.

As for the hat…

Sheila-27-03-11 (7)

Sheila-27-03-11 (8)

It wasn’t very impressive either.


Losing Time

Yesterday, the clocks went forward. That means we loose an hour in bed… but it does mean the evenings are brighter! Yay!

Brighter evenings mean that walks are brighter too.

24-26-03-11 (4)

Kim loves to stare at the sheep.

Sheep sheep sheep sheep sheep sheep..!

24-26-03-11 (7)

Making Kim look at me while she’s watching the sheep is an ongoing battle.

24-26-03-11 (5)

24-26-03-11 (2)

Um… Kim?

24-26-03-11 (1)


When she does look it me, she isn’t happy.

There are sheep to kill over there and your making me sit?! This is TORTURE!!!

24-26-03-11 (3)

I took a long time to get this shot…

24-26-03-11 (6)

Meanwhile, the lambs are still coming thick and fast. It’s hard to believe we’ve been at this since late January.

24-26-03-11 (10)

24-26-03-11 (11)

Darkie still enjoys her daily dose of nuts.

24-26-03-11 (12)

24-26-03-11 (14)

And the lambs in her field are all very good.

24-26-03-11 (15)

24-26-03-11 (16)

I think that’s Sylvia. It’s really hard to tell.

24-26-03-11 (13)

And Ben had a photoshoot on a chair yesterday. (Nothing new there, then).

I love his big bushy tail.

24-26-03-11 (17)

24-26-03-11 (18)

24-26-03-11 (19)

24-26-03-11 (22)

24-26-03-11 (23)

24-26-03-11 (24)

24-26-03-11 (26)


Little Pip’s First Beach Trip!


The beauty of living just 15 minutes from the coast is that it’s easy to get there! Yesterday, Pip went for her first visit to the beach – and she loved it! She enjoyed it much more than the town because hardly anyone was there. The threat of rain in the afternoon seemed to have put most people off!


The lovely beach we visited was called Tyrella Beach, and it was wonderfully peaceful! We had most of the beach to ourselves!


Pip did NOT try to eat some sand.


She had good fun actually. She was much more relaxed on this trip.


To get to the beach, we had to walk through the sand dunes. So on the way back, we went a different way, through some different dunes.


Most exciting thing evah!


There was so much to see for Little Pip.


On the way home, we stopped to have some ice-cream (which is traditional). Pip wasn’t allowed any, and had to sit on the floor.


Can I haz ice-cream? *Pout*



I see you…


This morning, as I cleaned out the resident Guinea Pigs, Pip wondered what on Earth I was going to her friends.

I am too small… I cannot see!


You better not be doing something mean…


It’s OK, Pip! All I’m doing is giving them a new bed and a feed.


Oh… Will you let me out to see them now? Please?


…I’ll be good. Honest.

Pip Goes to Town

Pip, to be honest, isn’t very well socialized. And I blame myself for that – I should have forced mum to let her in the car. But alas, she’s only allowed in the car occasionally. Today I made sure Pip was on her best behaviour in the car, so that she would be allowed there a lot more in future. We were visiting my Granny who lives in a town just 15 minutes away, but first we had to stop for some essentials at the local supermarket.

For a country dog, the town (never mind city!) is a scary, loud, bustling place. There are more than four people there, more than two cars and more than one Land Rover there too. Pip was on edge from the moment she set paw on the unfamiliar concrete. Even the birds here were different…

Looking to the sky...

You will be able to tell from every photo in this post what Pip’s current mood is.

I was very thankful when mum returned with full shopping bags so that we could head to the suburbs, just down the road. Surprisingly, Pip’s mood didn’t change much.

I brought out an old chair into the back garden, one which Sheila and Ben have posed on too. Pip wasn’t impressed.





For yesterday’s Daily Shoot, this was my photo (and yes, I did remember to tweet it):
Convey warmth in a photograph today.


The chair reminded me of the summer. It’s a summer chair, that is. (It was a cold day – what did you expect?).

Another photo demonstrating that Pip is super-huge:


She was by now getting much more relaxed, so when we went into the house, she was relaxed as… um… a relaxed thing.


And just as we were leaving (*sigh*), the sun came out.


But, I’m sure for Pip, the best part was going home.