Lambing in Full Swing

In fact it's swinging so much that I'm too busy to update the blog! Terrible, I know. But here I am again to show you some pictures of young and fluffy things, such as this lamb:

And a few more lambs, just for fun:

This lamb has a clock for ears.

Young Tilly's had her lambs, twins, a boy and a girl. They're both pretty small, but are going strong.

This is the little girl.

And this is the boy.

Just adorable. Another small and adorable thing is Teddy. Actually, he's small-ish. He loves to watch the ewes and lambs.

Teddy likes to watch a lot of things. Thank goodness the list includes any camera.

Until next time I have the time to update, goodbye!

The Black Sheep

Darkie is one very photogenic sheep.

I hadn't taken her for a walk for a year, but she managed to lead well - as long as I offered her food.

Judging by the size of her tummy, she is in lamb, which is great news.

And I couldn't resist taking a close-up of her eye.

I got that more by accident than anything else - sheep are even worse than dogs when it comes to staying still. And if you try making funny noises, it just scares them off.

Funny noises work on Teddy.

The darker evenings mean that it's great to snuggle up to the fluffy puppy (who is getting huge now) in front of the fire.

Green Dog TV - Photographing Teddy

The other day, I found out that I could take photos on my camera and make a video at the same time. And lo, an opportunity to show you just how good at posing Teddy is, complete with funny noises.

And my two favourites after a little processing:

Atta boy!

Through the Ages

Fly's birthday is on New Year's Day every year because no-one bothered to write her actual birthday down. So her birthday could be today, tomorrow or several months away - we just don't know. But I think it's nice to have a date for her birthday, and at least you don't forget this one! Nineteen now, and what a pretty girl.

Ben and his scruffy ears. At least we know when his birthday is.

And then there's Teddy who reminds us of lovely Fly in so many ways.

Let's just hope that both boys live as long and well as Fly has so far.