Buckets Are Yum-Yum

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Time for some lambing updates: I'm so busy with these ewes I hardly have any time to waste online! Anyway, this is a better photo of the first lamb of the year than I was able to get last time.

She was in a posing mood.

As it happened, so was mummy.

Here's another cute wee face:

I mustn't forget about Sugar...

...Or her lamb.

Oh! Another random cute face:

Last but not least, just a few days after Sugar had her lamb, Tilly went and had twins! This is the face of a mother who's shouting, "Help! There's two of them!"

They're both girls, which is excellent news as it means we can keep them! Hoorah!

This one, who was trying to eat a bucket earlier, is called Millie.

The other one, the one with the darker face who's a bit shy, she's called Lilly, after an internet friend.

I realise Tilly had a lamb called Lily a few years ago, but I've since lost her in the crowd (it can happen), and it was with one L, people.

Here, have another cute face.


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Behold the face of a man who's lost a certain... something. Or things.

Yesterday Teddy spent at the vet's having... something removed. He's been increasingly hard to handle around the girls, and last weekend I met the end of my tether. So to stop all the fussing I booked him in.

Oddly enough, Teddy loves it at the vet's (or he did, before... this) and spent the waiting time in the morning swooning over a Red Setter (gender inconsequential). Then he was swooning over the nurse and licking her face.

When his operation was done I went to collect him. As with Ben before him, I was expecting a Cone Of Shame right away. Instead he only got one once we reached home and started trying to lick his stitches.

So a week's rest lies ahead for our Teddy - and a whole week wearing the Cone Of Shame too. I'll give him lots of treats to help him feel a bit better.

Samson Comes for a Visit

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This afternoon we had a small, brown visitor...

Meet Samson, a bouncy chocolate Labrador puppy, belonging to Toni. He found the lambs in the shed a bit scary. This is his face upon the sight of them:

Thankfully there were plenty of sheds that didn't contain scary sheep, so we found somewhere quiet to have a sit down.

His eyes are really pretty, aren't they?

His snuggled up with Toni.

And promptly fell asleep. (Must have been all the excitement with the lambs, he is only 15 weeks old after all.) And he snores...

I couldn't help myself. I laughed. Anyway, it was a dry day for once.

Samson, meet Pip. Ear licks are the best.

But all too soon it was time to go home to the Petting Zoo.

See ya around, Samson!