Nut Dust Noses

My pet lambs seem to have taken over this blog. I've never had so many pets to call my own before, and perhaps I am a little overexcited, but they are such a pleasure to photograph. Every morning I bring them some nuts, push my way through them to the trough and try not to fall over in the mad rush.

For some reason Margo wasn't interested in the nuts on this morning.

Millie (note the brown dust on her nose).

Margo's probably been eating a bit too much grass to fit any more in.

Bob's been licking the trough clean.

Rosie at the gate.

Is Honey paranoid or is that a dog behind her..?

Tummies full, the contented lambs... don't really do much, actually.

Rosie seems to attract lens flares.

Millie and Honey have spotted something interesting over there.

Suckie's been licking the trough too.

Ducky at the gate.

Honey nutty nose.

Meanwhile, inside the shed, Little Dude would like some food too.

(So this has been another post about lambs on a dog blog. I make no apologies - I love my little woollies.)

Black & White Sunday #32 ::: Outline


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The Down Low

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Recently I had the idea to lie down on the ground in the lambs' field, but the lambs ran away from me because apparently that was scary. My solution was to go out again, this time with a long lens so if the lambs were to run away it wouldn't be so much of a problem. It started well.

Bob and his friends followed me until I sat down.

And then, one by one, they walked away.

Despite the long lens I still had to move closer (the rascals). Rosie was enjoying a nice scratch on a gate.

They gather at the gate every morning, waiting on their food. Sure I was here - but where was the food?

Still hopeful. (Millie must be staring - she's trying to eat Rosie's ear!)

Bob coming over to investigate me. Being so low to the ground did wonders for the backgrounds of these shots.

Little Bob and Big Ducky.

Honey feeling brave.

Margo too.

I soon worked out what they were doing - they were calmly walking past me to "safety" behind me.

These two are polar opposites - Millie is a white sheep with dark spots, Bob is a dark sheep with white spots (kinda).

Two of the friendliest lambs - Rosie and Ducky. Saving Ducky was 100% the right thing to do. She is such a sweetheart.

Hello, Rosie.

So, yes, lying on the ground may be cold, but totally worth it.

Wordless Wednesday #74 ::: Keep Smiling


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The Late Mister Pumpkin

Every year in the run-up to Halloween, I buy a pumpkin or two for some themed photo shoots. This year I succeeded in buying the pumpkin on time, but the photoshoot happened in November. Oops.

Jess, Pip and Mister Pumpkin hitched a ride on the quad to the leafiest, autmniest (if it wasn't a word before it is now) part of the farm.

He did blend in a little, but the bold orange tones of the leaves looked great.

Pip stopped staring at the quad long enough to pose a little bit. She didn't want to appear too enthusiastic.

Mister Pumpkin currently resides in the yard. He's survived rain, frost, wind, and Sheila trying to use him as a football.

Feel free to expect Christmas photos in March.

An Afternoon at the Harbour

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It was a beautiful day, so Jess and I hopped into the car and went for a drive to the harbour. The sky was bright blue and so the water was wonderfully blue as well.

Palm tree shadow on a building next to the marina.

Jess was a little bit nervous of this new place.

She was hard to photograph because she didn't want to be far away from me. When she's scared she's very clingy.

Some fishing boats had just returned from the sea.

There was a great painted ice cream cone on a wall - if it wasn't so cold I would have been tempted!

Down on the beach.

Jess was very clean because she'd had a bath that morning.

A colourful life ring.

When she was nervous she jumped up on me.

We saw a camper van with an impressive collection of little boats.

There was more marine paraphernalia the closer to the harbour we got.

(That's a crab's claw just behind Jess's nose.)

You could see right through this building.

Boats! Ropes! Exciting!

In front of the harbour wall.

A brave fisherman walking along the wall - too high up for me!

Jess in a bricked-up window.

We saw a friendly dog guarding its house.

In the car, about to head home.

Tired but happy (and smelling faintly of fish).