This is one of my new favourite shots of the Tedster (new nick-name, actually like it, will use it more often). In it he is being awesomely cute and adorable, and well-behaved. Did I mention cute?

You may have spotted by now that one of his ears has decided to rebel, and fold backwards. Evil Ear of Doom! Sometimes, though, it decides to rebel the other way, and tip forwards.

Or maybe it's to do with the surface he's on. It seems that in the yard it tips forwards...

And on grass it tips backwards.

(And these were taken on the same day, withing ten minutes of each other, so it is very odd...)

Then on a different surface, it flops forward again.

Utterly confusing, eh?

On another note, I go some ear-less shots of him as well.

I wonder which way his ears will eventually decide to be..?

Seeing Double

First off, I'm sorry. No updates for two whole weeks, with no real excuses. Lack of motivation, perhaps? I dunno, but I am terribly sorry. I actually felt bad leaving you all for so long. And as for not commenting on your blogs - it's unforgivable and for that I'm also sorry, as you all never fail to comment on here. Thank you all for you all for your comments, I can only hope to catch up with all of your blogs today. But before I go off to do just that, I want to give you some actual news. You'd like that, huh?

I hardly ever print off my pictures (mainly because of the sheer multitude of them I take, and the fact that once I have printed one off, they tend to 'out of fashion' so to speak), so imagine my surprise when I found myself asking for a photo of Ben printed... on none-other than canvas.

Here's Ben looking rather impressed with his mug-shot in the background:

This is the original shot, taken back in February, when Ben was a little (just a little) less scruffy looking:

You can find the story behind it in the post called Ben the Sheepdog.

It usually graced the sidebar of this very blog, because I sort of fell in love with it. A bit. When it came to practising with Photoshop in college a good eight months later, I fiddled with it and made it black and white.

A friend made a passing comment that it would look really nice printed out big, on canvas. We both knew that a member of the class was, as it turned out, pretty darn awesome at this. So I started saving up, and he set to work stretching Ben's face. No, I shouldn't have put it like that. Stretching Ben's face (which was actually a picture) on canvas, onto a frame.

And now he takes pride of place in my bedroom, alongside my poster of a random horse.

Ben was really struggling to show an ounce of enthusiasm (but that's how he looks when he is enthusiastic, so maybe he is - it's hard to tell).

Oh look, he's going to lie down. This means he is very happy and excited, but is being a gentleman and acting all bored. I think.

Ah well, I like it - love it, even. That's all that matters, anyway. And so, I must give a hearty thanks to Kieran Brogan (visit his photography website with that link), the very nice man who agreed to stretch Ben's face for me.

That's enough of the joke. Leave it. *Glares*

Ok, I will. *Drops joke like obedient human*

*****   *****   *****   *****   *****

Run for Your Lives!


Poor Teddy. Pip has taken a shine to him and constantly attacks him.

Run, Teddy!

It was getting dark very quickly, so it was time for group shots!

The group at sunset.

Can I go chase Teddy now?

No. More photos.

Three in a row.

Tall on a Wall

With some really awkward heaving and shoving with one hand, protecting the camera in the other, I managed to get both of the brown dogs onto a wall. I stepped back to take a shot…

And Pip jumped off the wall.

Then she did a lap of the yard and jumped back onto the wall again, with no assistance from me. *Sigh*

As you can see, both dogs are terribly tall. Especially Pip. It’s like she’s on stilts all of the time.

While on the wall, Ben looked very depressed.

And Pip still felt smug.

Pip jumped off the wall again, so I did an experiment with Ben’s face.

No. Not like that. Just putting it a little out of shot.

He watched Pip from above.

Pip was already watching the ground when she jumped onto the wall again.



Family Shapshots

It took a long time to get this photograph. I don’t know how I did.

Fly and Jack aren’t there because they are both rubbish at sitting still. Plus, Fly’s old, so she gets out of a lot of things.

Sheila actually stayed still for a minute.

Ben’s tail never stays still.

This is the way Sheila drinks – it’s not at all strange. She fell in once, which was very funny.

Pip watches the quad. This is a really bad habit, because then she bites the wheels… while it’s moving. That’s why she always has scabs on her nose. Any tips for stopping her before she gets run over? I’m running out of ideas.

There’s no danger of Ben being that silly.

Pip, stop being so leggy.

Teddy tries to impress. Fail.

This is the alternate family photo.

Teddy is getting so big. He’s huge.

Sheila’s getting grey around the edges.

And what happens when the camera stops clicking…

Never a dull moment…

Bench, Door, Car & Floor

It’s funny how many times I can use the same bench for taking photos.

I think the reason that I always return here is because it’s hard to get the lighting right. The dark colours of the leaves and the bench itself make things pretty difficult.

Teddy has nice eyes, just like Ben.

Ah, what is this? A photograph somewhere new? My goodness!

Here Teddy is watching my mum put some shopping bags in the boot (I think it’s trunk in America) of the car.

And here’s a picture of Teddy in the shop’s car park.

And we shall leave you with a Teddy smile.

And I hope everyone had a safe Holloween. Jack managed OK with the fireworks anyway.